About Us

Mike & Jimmie Hopper - Owner.
Hoppers Family Market was founded by this wonderful couple. When they’re not here at the store, they can often be found at their other business, “Hoppers Hardware” Store, Hwy. 55 Eva. They enjoy spending time together with family and with their grandson Conner.




Meet Our Team

Valerie Long - Office Manager.
She is married to Jared Long and is the daughter of the owners, Mike and Jimmie Hopper. From the time she was little she has been activly involved in the other family business in Eva, Hopper Building Supply. Before joining Hoppers's Family Market in February 2011, she worked as assisatant manager at Premier Bank of the South in Eva. When she is not at work she loves spending time with her family and friends.




Charles Long - Store Manager.
Bio Coming Soon.




Regina Humphries - Co Manager.
She was hired in April 2011. She is married to Kent Humphries. She has three children and two grandchildren. When not at work she likes to spend time with her children and grandchildren.





Shirley Brown - Co Manager.
Bio Coming Soon.





Beverly Busby - Price/Scan Coordinator.
She has one daughter, one son and four grandchildren. When she does not at work she enjoys gardening and working with stained glass. she also enjoys spending time with her family. Beverly started Hopper's Family Market in March 2011. She previously worked for general contractors.








The History of Hoppers Family Market

Hoppers Family Market is located at 7467 Ala. Highway 69 North, Cullman Al. 35058.

Hoppers Family Market has proudly served the Fairview area and surrounding communities since April 16, 2011, with a high quality grocery store, providing small town hospitality with sincere customer care and service.


The story of Hoppers Family Market started with the vision of a town Mayor, who foresaw the need of a local grocery store to serve his town of Fairview and the surrounding areas.

That man was Fairview Mayor elect, Mr. Randall Shed. Randall had always been a visionary while serving in the capacity as Town Mayor. Under his 20 year leadership, the town had seen substantial growth. Many new services and industry had come to the town. As good it was, he always had a vision for a local grocery store in which to serve the town. Nevertheless, he never could get things to come together. In the fall of 2009, the old OEC Building, located in the town on Hwy. 69 was left vacated. It was a large 30,000 square foot metal frame warehouse. Things were fixing to come together for Randall’s Vision.

In the spring of 2010, the OEC Warehouse went up for sale. Mr. Randall Shed contacted Mike and Jimmie Hopper. Mike was no stranger to the Grocery Store business. He was literally raised in a grocery store. His Dad and Mom, Jack and Imogene Hopper, owned and operated Hoppers General Merchandise in Eva. This store sold everything from a full service gas station, to clothes and apparel, shoes, grain, animal feed, hardware and plumbing supplies and a Grocery Store with a fresh meat butcher shop. As Mike became a teenager, he was trained by his Dad to cut meat and worked in the family business as a meat butcher, until he went off to Auburn University.


After Mike and his wife Jimmie was approached by Randall Shed about the growing need of a full service grocery store to serve the growing Town, things began coming together to make Randall’s Vision a Reality.

Mike and Jimmie Hopper caught the vision and purchased the building in the summer of 2010. They began the insurmountable process of remodeling the warehouse into a top quality supermarket that it is today. Mike contracted with Associated Wholesale Grocers out of Nashville TN. to be the Grocery Supplier. Jimmie cast the vision to have a high quality grocery store, with many amenities not found in the local area. It was decided to offer new modern services to meet the needs of our local patrons while keeping old services such as helping customers out with their grocery’s and good ole small town hospitality with sincere customer care!


After much hard work over a 6 month time span, opening day finally arrived, April 16, 2011. The store opened at 10:00 am with a bang. Support from the Town of Fairview, Mayor Randall Shed, Legislative Members and the community were overwhelming! Everyone was extremely excited about their local full service grocery store. However, the excitement of opening day would be short lived…


April 27, 2011. That date will always live in the memory of today’s generation. 11 days after the store opened, the State of Alabama suffered the worst outbreak of Tornadoes since April 3-4 1974.

At 2:40 pm, a large F-4 Tornado touched down north of Smith Lake on County Road 310, spreading a path of destruction through Cullman, Morgan and Marshall Counties. Be the time it would end, the large Tornado would travel 48 miles, leaving a path 88 feet wide, with average winds of 166-200 miles an hour, claiming 6 fatalities and 48 injuries. The Tornado took a northeasterly track, leading it to the Town of Fairview.

At 3:03 pm, as the employees of Hoppers Family Market huddled for safety in the walk-in Meat Cooler, by the grace of God, the path of the Tornado missed the store by a 1/8 mile. Devastation of the town and surrounding areas was horrific. Electric power was completely cut-off in the area for 4 days. AWG sent refrigerated trucks in to store the cold food that could be salvaged.


On May 1, 2011, Hoppers Family Market reopened to serve the Town of Fairview and surrounding areas. Times were hard and difficult for everyone as homes and lives were rebuilt. But as difficult as it may have been, everyone pulled together and pressed on.

Today, one year later, Hoppers Family Market continues to grow and strive to meet the needs of our customers, while continuing to hold forth the Vision that was our opening pledge – “We pledge to make a difference in our customers’ lives every day with high quality food, low prices and friendly helpful service.”