At Hoppers Family Market, we proudly offer our Customers many choices and varieties when it comes to grocery goods. Our goal is to offer your family quality products at affordable prices. That’s why we are delighted to offer our customers “Best Choice” Store Brand grocery items and “Always Save”.


Best Choice offers customers the best quality for the best price, and items are equal to or better than the national brand quality. The Best Choice brand products are priced lower than the leading national brands because they don’t carry the advertising and promotional costs that the national brands have.



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Best Choice SAVE-A-LABEL Program




Here at Hoppers Family Market, we value our community and schools. One way we give back is thru our “Best Choice SAVE- A-Label” program.


The SAVE-A-LABEL program is an extremely successful program, which helps non-profit organizations raise money. Currently, there are over 11,000 non-profit groups that participate in the program. These groups earn $.03 for each Best Choice UPC symbol redeemed, with a minimum of 1,000 labels required for redemption. This program represents more than 1.2 million cases of Best Choice products purchased by consumers in one year!



1. Raise money for your school or non-profit group. Together we can work to make a difference. It’s easy, just save labels for cash!


2. Save Best Choice Labels…It’s just that easy! Just save the labels of Best Choice products. Be sure to save the UPC portion (proof of purchase). Your school will earn $30.00 in cash for every bundle of 1,000 UPC turned in.


3. Where to find Best Choice products? Here at Hoppers Family Market!


4. How do I get started? To get started or for more information, check out this link