Meat Market

At Hoppers Family Meat Market, we are proud to offer our customers the best cuts of fresh, top quality meat at affordable prices! For optimal tenderness and flavor, we offer our customers Black Canyon Angus Beef. Our meat cutters daily cut all our beef, pork and chicken fresh. They are always available for any special custom cuts of meat or to assist you with any meat questions or concerns you may have.

At Hoppers Family Meat Market, we grind all our beef fresh daily. It is 100% beef and contains no additives or preservatives, such as pink slime!

At Hoppers Family Meat Market, our meat cutters work in full view of the customers, for we have nothing to hide. Our Meat Market is glass enclosed behind our meat case so the customer knows they’re always getting fresh cut meat, processed in a clean environment.

At our meat market butcher shop, you will find a specialty meat case filled with fresh cut thick steaks and chops, to meet all your grilling needs. We also have thick sliced market style bacon and peppered bacon. Remember the old days when you could get a pound of chunk Zeigler Bologna? We even have that! We also provide large cooked Shrimp, fresh Catfish fillets and shrimp skewers for your grilling and dining enjoyment. If you need a special cut of meat or assistance, please come by the butcher shop and we will be glad to serve you!

Meat Market Manager

Anthony Lindsey - Anthony Lindsey is our Meat Market Manager. He is always ready to assist our Customers with any needs or orders. You can call him at Hoppers Meat Market at 256-796-6500 Ext. 3.

Anthony has managed our Meat Market from our opening day, April 16, 2011. He has managed Meat Department's for approx. 20 years. He is happily married to Christina Lindsey. Christina is a Kindergarten Teacher at Fairview Elementary School. When not at work, you can find Anthony and Christina at their home north of Eva. Anthony is an avid southern gospel piano player and serves as the Minister of Music at Rock Creek Baptist Church.


Lynn Dotson - Meat Wrapper/Meat Assistant - Lynn has worked at Hoppers Family Market for over a year. She started stocking shelves before joining the Meat Market crew last spring. Lynn is married to Scott Dotson, has two sons, John and Greg, and one "terrific" grandson, Noah, the apple of grandma's eye. Lynn enjoys walking, remodeling their home, spending time with the family, watching pro football and boxing. Lynn is a hard worker and truly an asset to Hoppers Family Meat Market.


Chris Barnett - Meat Assistant - Chris has worked at Hoppers Family Meat Market since the summer of 2012. Before coming to the Meat Market, Chris worked in building construction as a "Glazer", that is a "window installer". Chris is married to Tina Barnett, with two sons, Steven and AJ. When not at work, Chris is usually found working or spending time with his wife and two sons.